How Exam Stress Causes Neck Pain And Headaches

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By: Nima Rajan

It is the exam season; a lot of us are burning the midnight oil, trying to make it through another gruelling semester. Often times we are so focused on completing our assignments and reading those never ending notes that we forget the stress and strain we are subjecting our necks to. This can lead to pain in the neck.

Neck pain is mostly caused by activities that involve repeated or prolonged movements of the neck. This can result muscle strain or overused muscles, an injury to the ligaments or a spasm of the neck muscles.

Some of these activities could be:

  • Holding your head in a forward or odd position for long periods of time while working, reading, watching TV, or talking on the telephone.
  • Using a pillow that is too high or too flat and does not provide proper support to your neck, or
  • Sleeping on face down, with your neck twisted or bent.
  • Resting your head on your fist or arm for long periods of time.
  • Doing exercises or work that uses the upper body and arms, such as painting a ceiling or other overhead work.

Stress and focusing intensely on a task can also cause neck pain. Tension may develop in one or more of the muscles that connect the head, neck, and shoulders. They may feel tight and painful, which in turn could cause headaches.

Correct posture and physiotherapist led exercises can help you go through the exam season pain free. To find out more call us at 905-488-1223.


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  1. Being a college student I have noticed that when I study for exams I get neck pain. I always thought it was from stress. I did not realize that I can cause physical neck pain because of how streched out it can be.

    1. Hi Hazel!

      Many students suffer from neck and upper back pain from all of the studying. Below are a few tips that might help alleviate some of your pain.

      1. Study at a desk with a proper supportive chair if possible, I know a lot of students study on their beds, if you can’t break this habit, purchase the pillow chairs that have arms and back support as well as a bed table that you can lay your books on.
      2. When using your cell phone, bring the phone up instead of tilting your head down to look at it
      3. take breaks, even if its just standing for a few minutes

      Good Luck with your studies and thanks for reading!
      Meaghan- Pro Active Health Group

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