No. Physiotherapists are first line health care practioners. Some extended insurance companies require a doctor’s prescription in order to reimburse you, but our clinic does not need a referral in order to treat you.
Registered Physiotherpists in Ontario will be able to order some diagnostic testing as the rostering system with the College of Physiotherapists is created. This should be completed by the spring of 2013. Bill 179 does however allow Physiotherapists in Ontario to make a full diagnosis of an injury.
No. We are a private Physiotherapy clinic. If you require an OHIP clinic in Oakville we would be able to help. Patients who require OHIP Physiotherapy need to be 18 years old or less or 64 years old or more.
We provide services which can be funded by your Extended Health insurance, Motor Vehicle insurance and Worker’s Compensation (WSIB). Please consult your insurance documents or insurance provider to find out the extent of their coverage for these services.
  1. Review of your medical history
  2. Orthopedic assessment of your injury
  3. Explanation of your injury and diagnosis
  4. Treatment and home exercises
  5. Discussion regarding goals and treatment plan
It depends. Every injury is unique so length of treatment varies. After your initial assessment the Practitioner will give you an estimated length and course of treatment.
Treatmentsvary in duration. They are anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.
You should wear something comfortable and stretchy that will enable your therapist to easily access the area that is being treated. If you need to change (i.e. into shorts or a t-shirt) we have changing facilities.

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