Which Fitness Wearable is Right for You?

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After the initial surge of energy and motivation passes, sticking with fitness goals can be hard to accomplish. We struggle to stay on track when it comes to physical activity and many of us fall of the fitness wagon. However, in recent years, there has been an increase in wearable fitness technology that forces users to see their progress and in most cases, reminds you to get up and move. These trackers are great for increasing motivation, fostering some healthy competition and staying on track with your fitness goals, but which one is best for your workout and personality style?

For the Fashionista

Bellabeat Leaf – Made from recyclable European wood and steel this stylish wearable can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or broach! There is no denying its striking design but it also has the tech to back it up. This tracker effectively tracks calories burned, steps taken, miles walked, sleep and even breathing patterns. The accompanying app displays all of the data, even suggesting exercises to help calm you if your breathing is elevated. It also tracks menstrual cycle and ovulation allowing you to understand how your cycle affects your health and fitness regime.

Bella Beat

Fitbit Alta – This tracker has a ton of colours and sleek design thats perfect for the stylish athlete. It records steps, sleep and elevation and delivers basic notifications from your smartphone to the wrist allowing its user to get up to date info and motivation on the fly. As with other FitBit wearables, the user can analyze data on the FitBit


Misfit Ray – This stylish aluminum and leather tracker automatically tracks steps, distance, calories, and sleep. It offers vibration alerts for call and text notifications, movement reminders, and alarms but its most unique feature is the smart button which allows you to control connected household devices using the Link app. Misfit is constantly updating its app to give the user more access to unique features making their world more interactive.


For those who want a bit more than basic 

Garmin Vivoactive HR –  it might not be the best looking wearable but with all around capabilities, this tracker does a little bit of everything and is a great option for someone who want a little more than basic. Running, cycling, golf, swimming,fitness, smartwatch notifications and heart rate makes the Vivoactive HR a real jack of all trades plus it has bonus capabilities to track cross country skiing, indoor cycling, indoor running, indoor rowing and more.


FitBit Blaze – A great easy to use activity tracker with a beautiful colour screen. This tracker recognizes and records various movements while recording them against weekly fitness goals. It tracks all regular activity metrics like steps, distance, elevation and km’s all with heart rate and GPS capabilities. You won’t have to worry about missing that important phone call either, with smart phone notifications directly to your wrist you’ll never be out of the loop.


Polar A360 – for those who  want more info about their movements than what a basic tracker provides. This tracker is waterproof, wrist-worn and includes a heart rate monitor and a number of smart features that coach you toward meeting your goals every day. It is compatible with polar’s app and lets users easily put all of the recorded data to use.

polar a360

For the Non-Techie/Beginner fitness

Fitbit Charge  – is tracker is great for the non – techie, it tracks sleep, steps, calories and stairs climbed in a simple easy to understand display. The app allows you to input more fitness and nutrition info as well as track your progress while motivating you to stay fit by earning badges for your activity and even allowing you to compete against your friends.


Apple Watch  – The apple watch is great for beginners because it tracks fitness data but also has many other capabilities outside of fitness, this is great for someone who isn’t ready to commit to a full on fitness tracker but still wants activity data.


For the Tiny Humans (kids)

KidFit – the KidFit tracker uses a points system that parents can set to help kids easily understand and accomplish their movement goal – plus it comes in 4 fun colours!


Kid Power Band – Not only does this tracker monitor activity, but by completing a certain number of steps, kids finish “missions” that unlock parcels of food for undernourished kids. Creating active kids with a sense of social responsibility!


LeapFrog LeapBand – While it doesn’t track steps or sleep, this band offers a series of fun physical challenges – walking, running, jumping and dancing -the child needs to complete these challenges to earn points to spend on their virtual pet.


For the Runner/Multi-Athlete/Number Cruncher

Garmin Forerunner 735XT – This watch is great for the runner offering advanced running metrics, GPS  and heart rate capabilities however, the coolest feature is its ability to track cycling and swimming distance, stroke and efficiency in the water which makes it a great option for triatheletes. It also has other sport metrics and a great app that allows you to customize your workout, watch face and share data with friends.

Polar V800 – The perfect tracker for triatheletes, it tracks everything you do on two wheels, two feet, in the water or on dry land. Pace, distance, fat burn calories and max heart rate are all covered. This watch has a great customizable screen and features that notify you when you will be ready to train again following a workout. It does have a higher price point but the features and design are well worth the extra cash.

V800Fitbit Surge – This watch is great for runners due to its GPS capabilities, allowing you to see graphs of runs and workouts as well as having all activity accurately used towards your daily goal as created on the FitBit app. As with other fitness trackers it tracks steps, elevation, calories and km’s in an easy to see face.


For the Budget Conscious

Razer Nabu X– For only $30 the razer tracks your activities including steps walked, distance traveled, calories burnt, hours slept, and active minutes. It also has gesture technology allowing you to dismiss notifications form your smartphone with the shake of the wrist. This tracker also has a great app allowing you to set goals and track progress, you can’t go wrong for $30.


Misfit Flash – for only $40, this tracker is a great choice for the budget conscious! It measures daily activity and sleep as well as being able to track sports stats for running, swimming, cycling, tennis, basketball, soccer and more. All of your data is presented in the Link app allowing you to analyze your activity.


Fitbit Zip – For $70, this is the cheapest of the FitBit family. Measuring steps, distance and calories it allows you to stay on track with your movement goals and syncs wirelessly to the app.


We know choosing a fitness tracker can be overwhelming! If you are still unsure about which one is right for you, let us know, we would be happy to help!

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