Importance of Home Based Exercise Following Therapy

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Leaving physical therapy can sometimes feel like leaving the classroom – you head home with “homework” a group of stretches and exercises that your therapist would like you to try between treatments.  Most patients  struggle to remember to do these at home or get busy and forget to make time to do the prescribed exercises.

Many patients don’t understand the importance or even the reason why therapist prescribe exercise – and its not because they want to torture you! Although starting a new exercise or stretch routine can be intimidating it is an important part of the recovery process.

When you attend physical therapy your muscles and joints are stretched and moved in a way to help reduce stiffness and pain, it is critical that between therapy sessions you attempt to keep muscles loose and joints moving fluidly. The exercises that are prescribed are intended to target the muscles and joints where you are experiencing discomfort and get you back to performing your daily activities pain free! Many patients expect to come to therapy a couple of times and be healed, but healing your body takes time, patience and dedication. When you commit to therapy, you also need to commit to the “homework” portion of the therapy. Below are the benefits of doing the home based exercises your therapist asks you to do:

Benefits of doing Home based exercises: 

  • Muscles and joints stay loose between therapy
  • You gain muscle strength which helps support joints
  • You recover quicker thus saving you time and money by not having to attend therapy as often or for as long
  • You learn how to manage pain in a drug free way
  • Stretching helps keep surrounding muscles loose, preventing additional injury or worsening of the current injury
  • Improves Circulation
  • Promotes relaxation

Next time your therapist provides exercises, don’t just overlook them! Try and perform them at least once a day to help your body heal at record speed!

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