Posture Correction After Pregnancy

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By: Nima Rajan

A mothers’ body has to undergo many changes during pregnancy. One of them is change in posture; to enable the body to carry the weight of the baby as well as the distribution of pregnancy related fat in the different parts of the body.

As the baby grows bigger during pregnancy, the pelvis tilts back to maintain the body’s centre of gravity and prevents the body from falling forwards. The pubic bone and tailbone move backward, increasing the arch in the lower back. This is known as the pelvic tilt, and gives the body a ‘S’ like posture.

Unfortunately, these changes do not go away as soon as childbirth occurs.

After childbirth, it is very important to maintain good posture during all activities to help the spine to re-align and get back to the normal curvatures. This might require conscious and regular effort and exercises.

The postpartum or the post delivery period is the time when the mother has not yet recovered from the stress and strain placed on her body by pregnancy and labour. This is also the time when she is extremely busy, taking care of the baby, getting used to a new life style and trying to find time to rest herself. Yet, it is important that she starts making efforts towards recovering her posture.

Incorrect posture can cause back pain, knee pain and pain in various parts of the body. Physiotherapist led exercises can make recovering your posture fast and easy. To find more give us a call.



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